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How to Steal Like a Game Designer

Posted at Apr 06, 2011 | Posted in  Game Design, Game Industry, Tips, Tutorials | By John P. Doran | No comments

Chuck Skoda shared a link today from Austin Kleon featuring some very interesting things that he has learned in his time as being an artist. The article is written in the point of view of himself talking to his past self which is very similar to my 12 Tips to Starting Game Designers. He raisesRead more

12 Tips for Starting Game Designers

Posted at Nov 05, 2010 | Posted in  Game Design, Tips | By John P. Doran | No comments

Starting designers have often asked me what steps they should take in order to improve their projects and/or designs. A lot of the time it comes down to fundamental flaws that I see in a wide variety of projects. While I love giving one-on-one to help to every person that I can; I thought IRead more