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Flash 101: An Introduction

Posted at Jun 08, 2013 | Posted in  Game Design, Tutorials | By John P. Doran | No comments

As you begin your project, there may be many new panels and areas that are yours to use.   Stage The largest area in the top left section is called the Stage. This is where all of the action within our menus will take place. Users will only see the white box area of theRead more

Setting up Flash CS6 to use Scaleform with UDK

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Currently, I am in the middle of writing my third book with Packt Publishing, this book on creating a single project over a longer period of time and while we do have 120 pages for the book, there was so much more that I wanted to put in, such as UnrealScript. So here is the first in aRead more

How to Steal Like a Game Designer

Posted at Apr 06, 2011 | Posted in  Game Design, Game Industry, Tips, Tutorials | By John P. Doran | No comments

Chuck Skoda shared a link today from Austin Kleon featuring some very interesting things that he has learned in his time as being an artist. The article is written in the point of view of himself talking to his past self which is very similar to my 12 Tips to Starting Game Designers. He raisesRead more

Level Design and Its Applications In Affecting Emotions and Actions

Posted at Nov 05, 2010 | Posted in  Level Design, Psychology, Tutorials | By John P. Doran | No comments

This is a paper that I wrote in order to show effective ways that can be used in building level designs that can lead players without them knowing it is happening leading to non-linear feelings of gameplay for linear experiences. Right below is a PDF on Scribd that you can read or download at yourRead more