For those who have not been listening or reading game news, the Ouya is a Android game console meant to be played on televisions. It ran a very successful Kickstarter (which I backed) and it looks like people are starting to see the consoles in the wild.

When it was first announced I said, “Yeah, I put my $99 in, let’s hope they deliver something awesome from it. Unity is a partner and as I’ve been experimenting with Unity as an engine recently, the games shouldn’t be too difficult to port over there, but we’ll see.” And now we will.

Game magazine Kill Screen is running a 10-day online game jam for the console beginning next week (From January 14 to January 23) with a competition with judges such as Adam Saltsman, of Canabalt fame, The Guild’s Felicia Day, and Phil Fish, creator of FEZ. I’m anxious to see what the touch pad does for games on the platform, other than make it so that Android games can run on it.

Due to work, I don’t have much time to work on other projects other than my writing; but working for the new controller interests me in a variety of ways.