ker·fuf·fle – /kərˈfəfəl/ – Noun: A commotion or fuss.

Note: We recommend that you have 10 ten-sided dice in order to play this game


Night settles down in a sleepy little city located in New England, but work is just starting for you and your fellow investigators. Strange things have been happening in the town and you have taken upon yourselves to learn what has been going on. Your deductions have taught you that four different cult groups have taken ahold of the city and are all planning on executing each of their evil plans that night. Not if YOU have anything to do about it! Helping each other is vital to your survival, but by the end of the night only one can scare the cultists away.

Key Features:
Work both cooperatively and competitively to take down the evil cultists! Engage in combat with Cultists, spending your limited Stamina wisely! Use special Moves to capture the most dangerous Cultists, they’re worth more alive


Cultist Kerfuffle is brought to you by the following excellent dudes:

Game Concept, Design, Layout, and Art: John Doran

Additional Development and Proofreading: Chris Doran