When I first started to learn flash I came up with the idea of what an RPG Battle System would best be like for the more casual gamer. I wanted characters to be able to be as individualistic as they are allowing them the freedom to have whatever powers they could want. After looking at different games that did similar things I came to the idea of using different abilities that you could earn while playing the game.

Programming of the engine was done in Actionscript 3 with enemies and abilities being loaded in at runtime from XML files. This make the game easily editable without touching the game’s code. This could be used to balance and tweak abilities to the point where they could actually be used in combat which I used when I did my playtesting between some friends back home in Indiana. I spent a little less than a month last year working on this project and learned a great deal in the process. The combat system by itself seems to work in my opinion but the menus needed more work to be more user-friendly. I feel this would be a mechanic that could be great for an iPhone game where you could gain abilities as you played through the game or perhaps unlock new spells via updates or micro-transactions (say if someone wanted to have an ability that normally isn’t part of their class or an enhanced visual look). I want to give a shoutout to Kim Bartlett for allowing me to use her drawlings for the enemies in the game and Scott Billings for providing music as the game wouldn’t have been nearly as awesome without.

If you are interested in playing with that I did with the battle system you can do so in your browser here.



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