Dungeon Defenders – Nightlight

Built over the course of a week using the Dungeon Defenders (UDK) Development Kit. I was able to use the assets provided by the game in order to create an exterior level within the game. Being able to use and work with  the DD SDK was an invaluable experience being able to study the differentRead more



C++ game designer on a team of 7, building a competitive 2D racing platformer Players are cast into keeping the world away from total darkness in a 2D Platforming world. Dynamic lighting turns the world darker as you play making each level a race against the darkness. Drop in/out support makes it possible for anyoneRead more


Star Wars 1313

I worked at LucasArts on Star Wars 1313 as an intern level designer. While I cannot talk about what I worked on specifically, I can say: I designed, tuned and prototyped various features and levels in the Unreal Engine, working closely with designers, engineers, artists, and producers I was the only Junior Designer in teamRead more


Cultist Kerfuffle

ker·fuf·fle – /kərˈfəfəl/ – Noun: A commotion or fuss. Note: We recommend that you have 10 ten-sided dice in order to play this game Overview: Night settles down in a sleepy little city located in New England, but work is just starting for you and your fellow investigators. Strange things have been happening in theRead more


UDK – Plant

The second map that I worked on for Unreal Demolition for the Sumo Gametype.


UDK – Sunken Road

For the past few months I have been working as a teammate for the Unreal Demolition mod in UDK with my good friend Dan Weiss as a level designer. As I have been working on the levels I have been posting up the work in progress talking through my method and why I’ve made changes to theRead more