Learning for Life: Game Design

My good friend and fellow designer Ben Frasier were asked to help Learning for Life, a partner of United Way for King County, to offer a series of career exploration lessons to high school students from all over Washington State. Over 60 students participated in the program and we were asked to develop a lesson plan and guide aRead more



12 Dec `10 / /

FlowShooter was my first attempt at taking the “Director” aspect from Valve Software’s Left 4 Dead to the next level. I gave a presentation based on my research in my Artificial Intelligence class while doing a research paper with my partner Stanley Thai. In this current age, video game players have never varied larger inRead more


SpaceWar 2045

I enjoyed many of the German-style board games like Settlers of Catan and Caylus in the fact that most players stay in the game even if they are loosing unlike most American games where you are trying to defeat your opponents and then once defeated they have to wait while having nothing to do. AnotherRead more



23 May `09 / /

Players assume the role of the Time Interface Manipulator Build E (Tim-E for short), a robot with the unique ability to manipulate time. This 2D platformer has a full-featured combat system with the twist of time travel. Game Flow The game consists of a variety of different levels each showcasing something that can be doneRead more


Destruction Dice

28 Jan `09 / /

My first game I came up with as a game designer in my first Game Design class. We were told to come up with a dice game that used dice in addition to six sided dice. The game was quite simple so I didn’t pursue it more, but I did learn some interesting things aboutRead more


Settlers of Catan – Farm Modification

28 Jan `09 /

So, one of the board games that really got me into analogue games to begin with would have to be the Settlers of Catan. Such a great game to play, and one of the first games I introduce to friends to when they are just starting out either with design or just playing games inRead more