• Platform: Windows
  • Game Engine: – Custom (Created from scratch)
  • Programming Language: C++
  • Download: Lunaris

Players are cast into keeping the world away from total darkness in a 2D platforming world. Dynamic lighting turns the world lighter as you play making each level a race against the darkness. Drop in/out support makes it possible for anyone to jump in the game at any time to join in the fun. Levels have a smooth difficulty curve to give players a chance to learn the ropes before the difficulty goes up.


My Role

  • C++ programmer/game designer on a team of 7, building a competitive 2D racing platformer with drop-in/out multiplayer
  • Designed and programmed various gameplay systems and UI design for tools.
  • Developed levels for both single player and multiplayer gameplay.

Team Smiley

Matt Peterson – Producer, Programmer
Charles Berger – Technical Director
David Ellis – Generalist Programmer
Randy Sakuma – Generalist Programmer
Stanley Thai – Generalist Programmer
Cory Carlson – Networking Programmer
John Doran – Designer

Technical Accomplishments :

  • Custom Scripting Language (generates C++)
  • Runtime C++ Compilation via DLLs
  • Automatic Shader-Constant Instancing
  • Integrated Tools Framework
  • In-Game Level Editor (Automatically Integrates Levels into EXE for Developers)
  • Advanced networking Engine with drop-in/out capabilities