Saving Zoey

  • Platform: PC/Mac/Linux
  • Game Engine: Ren’Py
  • Programming Language: Python
  • Download: GameJolt

Saving Zoey is a horror visual novel created in 48 hours for #asylumjam. Play as Kelly, a girl who has to find her sister Zoey in a haunted house after hours with the help of a man who works there. Navigate the creepy hallways and uncover the mystery of the cult who once called the haunted house home.

My Role

Lead ProgrammerTeam of 11

  • Worked remotely with 10 other developers to create an entire game project within 48 hours
  • Created unique gameplay sequences within the game including a “keep calm” minigame and exploration features
  • Implemented UI and audio programming
  • Delegated tasks to junior programmer
  • Ranked #5 of all projects submitted in the Asylum Jam
  • Played over 2000 times with average reviews giving it over a 90% rating