Cultist Kerfuffle

ker·fuf·fle – /kərˈfəfəl/ – Noun: A commotion or fuss. Note: We recommend that you have 10 ten-sided dice in order to play this game Overview: Night settles down in a sleepy little city located in New England, but work is just starting for you and your fellow investigators. Strange things have been happening in theRead more


SpaceWar 2045

I enjoyed many of the German-style board games like Settlers of Catan and Caylus in the fact that most players stay in the game even if they are loosing unlike most American games where you are trying to defeat your opponents and then once defeated they have to wait while having nothing to do. AnotherRead more


Destruction Dice

28 Jan `09 / /

My first game I came up with as a game designer in my first Game Design class. We were told to come up with a dice game that used dice in addition to six sided dice. The game was quite simple so I didn’t pursue it more, but I did learn some interesting things aboutRead more