Nova Evoker

A Flash game developed over the course of 3 days using ActionScript 3 to accustom myself with it again after not touching it aside from using it for creating Scaleform menus for 2 years. All art and code was done by me with Christopher Doran providing the music.


Culina: The Spirit of Cooking

09 Jan `13 / /

Culina is a series of games which contain elements of both visual novels and strategy games as you create your very own restaurant. I played the role of both producer and programmer on the title using Python and the RenPy engine. I also created the video trailer which can be seen above. The prologue, TheRead more


Film Noir RPG Prototype

A prototype of a Film Noir RPG that I worked on for two months using UDK with 3 others. I was responsible for the Unrealscript programming, the UI and menus using Scaleform including a dialogue and inventory system and the integration of assets into the engine. The character portraits as well as the 3d models were notRead more



C++ game designer on a team of 7, building a competitive 2D racing platformer Players are cast into keeping the world away from total darkness in a 2D Platforming world. Dynamic lighting turns the world darker as you play making each level a race against the darkness. Drop in/out support makes it possible for anyoneRead more



12 Dec `10 / /

FlowShooter was my first attempt at taking the “Director” aspect from Valve Software’s Left 4 Dead to the next level. I gave a presentation based on my research in my Artificial Intelligence class while doing a research paper with my partner Stanley Thai. In this current age, video game players have never varied larger inRead more



23 May `09 / /

Players assume the role of the Time Interface Manipulator Build E (Tim-E for short), a robot with the unique ability to manipulate time. This 2D platformer has a full-featured combat system with the twist of time travel. Game Flow The game consists of a variety of different levels each showcasing something that can be doneRead more