Some of the people that I have worked for have kindly written recommendations for me the content of which you can find below.


Game Design Intern

“John was an Unreal power house for the time we had him on team. Dedicated, full of energy and a joy to work with I happily recommend him for any game team. With his lean to the technical side John was great at solving prototyping problems and showed great initiative in getting things done. He was also great at taking feedback, something which I’ve seen can be challenge for inexperienced designers – but not in John’s case at all. I wish John the best of luck in his studies and hopefully will see him again at some point in the future.”

Dominic RobilliardCreative Director, LucasArts

“John is a hard-working, diligent designer who brings a strong passion for design to his daily work. He strives to get better everyday as a designer and works well on his own or with a larger team. He brings a high level of professionalism and an eagerness to contribute. His amicable and happy demeanor is always appreciated. I had a great time working with John and look forward to his continued success down the road.”

Joe ChingSenior Designer, LucasArts

DigiPen Institute of Technology – Singapore

Software Engineer

“John has the perfect mix of passion for game design and intellectual curiosity for the technology that drives modern game development. John is always willing to share his knowledge to anyone who needs it. He is helpful, committed, a self starter, shows a high level of learning agility, is a team player and would be a solid addition to any game development team.”

Christiaan Champagne, Department Chair – Games Software Design & Production, DigiPen Singapore

“John is a highly motivated, bright, outgoing and bright designer. He never shies away from learning something new, communicating with his peers and students is second nature to him and hard working is in his blood. It was a pleasure to have John as a student and as a TA in my classes. I highly recommend him to any studio that is looking for a driven and talented young designer who is also a solid programmer. I am confident he will perform beyond expectations and wish him the best of luck in his career.”

Simon RoznerGame Designer, Ubisoft

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Teacher’s Assistant (Game Design Department)

“John is a skilled, solid designer with a deep knowledge of game design principles. He’s also great at communicating his knowledge to others. I would strongly recommend John for any type of entry level game design position.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Mike Pondsmith, Game Designer,  R. Talsorian Games