FlowShooter was my first finished product made entirely in Unity. It was a test in order to show the possibilies of creating a game where the game will change based on the way that you played in in terms of changing enemies on the fly to fit the player’s skill at runtime. It is now avaliable to download and play at the FlowShooter page.

This is an article that I did when I first started using Unity giving my initial ideas and the first thing that I did working with it:

During the past few weeks I have been working to become familiar with Unity (unity3d.com). As a former user of both the Unreal Editor and Hammer I thought the engine would have to have a lot for it in order to make it my engine of choice. It’s now clear to me that while it still has a way to go, I was very impressed with what it offers.

It would be unfair to call Unity a level editor. It would be far more realistic if one were to say that it was a “game engine” as that is what it does. Within it an entire game can be created from within it. For things that are a little more complex you can write script in either Java or C# and then attach the behavior to an object and it does what you said. You never even have to wait for something to compile; at any time you can hit the “play” button and instantly be taken into your game’s world live. The engine also has the advantage that it can be used to develop for the PC, Mac, PS3, 360, Wii, iPhone, and even Android soon enough at a far less price than what Unreal is asking for right now.

Unity also makes an artist’s job infinitely easier. An artist can just drag a model file into the game and they can place it into the world and position it just as they would like and add materials just as easily as draging it onto the model. I did a test using a model from a commercial game and got the model, texture, and animations in with little to no difficulty.

While I still think that professional companies should probably stick to what they are currently doing, I think that Unity can be used quite well as a prototyping engine and also a great idea for small companies to use in order to create visually stunning projects at a far less cost than other middleware available and is easy to get started in.

To see what I’ve done in my first projects in Unity, please look here. (Use WASD to move around and click to shoot in a direction)