Life has been crazy busy on my end. Taking classes as well as working can definitely take a toll on someone, but I recently found some time to take a short break and create a prototype Rhythm game using Unity and uScript ( which I totally think is amazing and if you are familiar with Unreal’s Kismet and are looking into using Unity it is a great way to get things up quickly. I have posted a video of how it plays as of now on youtube (no sound yet, just menus and a system similar to Elite Beat Agents to hit icons as they come up.

So, first a little background. I’m in no way a Unity expert, but I do consider myself to be pretty darn good at using UDK doing level design and scripting. Now, learning about uScript seemed like a dream come true for me, and I pretty much have to say that in my short time with it that is has been about the best way I’ve seen to develop in Unity by far (aside from the controls 😛 ) and think that it’d be a great way to win over people who use UDK into having an easier time transitioning to Unity should they want to.

Well, during the weekend I spent some time to get and know uScript a little more in creating a prototype of a rhythm game in a similar vein to Elite Beat Agents as well as creating a menu system for the mobile platform and while it’s isn’t complete or terribly polished by any means I thought I’d post here and if anyone is interested in looking at an example of something being done in uScript might like.

[youtube id=”WQ-gAVprjmA” width=”100%” height=”auto”]

Anyways, if you’d like to take a look at it. You can download the game for Wndows here or download the .APK to run it on Android here. May take this further and develop it further, but I wanted you all to know what I was up to. Hope you enjoy!

Aside from that, I have a large UDK project that will be finished in 2 weeks as well as a rigid body physics engine done in Ogre which will be 2 posts coming up soon!


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