A car engulfed in smoke is left behind by the wreck’s sole survivor…you.

You look out in the distance and see a small city on the horizon.

You are given a new start to become whatever you wanted to be: what will you do?

High Concept:

A quirky third-person adventure/role playing game where you must survive living in a strange town called Stickville.

Game Highlights:

Customizable Character

Character Creation screen remembers what you make your character look like as well as what skills they possess.

In depth NPC interaction

What you say to characters affects their liking of you, as well as choices in conversations.

Entertaining Side-quests

Including many mini-games for players to make money/gain items

Life Simulation

The player becomes a part of the world, buying and selling goods, working in stores, enjoying the nightlife and buying property or an apartment in the city.

To download, please right click and “Save Target as” the following link: Welcome to Stickville