Greetings and Salutations! My name is John Doran and I’m a game designer soon to graduate from DigiPen Institute of Technology (in Redmond,WA), I just finished a Game Design Internship at LucasArts and I’m currently a teaching assistant at DigiPen’s Singapore campus. My passion is making games better in every way that I can through my design philosophy. I also help others to become better game designers by sharing my knowledge in classes and through my blog. I now live in Singapore and I’m glad that you’re here.

My Design Philosophy:

  • Be the Player’s Advocate.
  • If something is worth doing, do it right.
  • Playtesting + Iteration = Polish

Gameplay Video – 2D Platformer – Lunaris

C++ game designer on a team of 7, building a competitive 2D racing platformer

Gameplay Video – 2D “Time Traveling” Platformer – Tim-E

C++ game programmer on a team of 4, building a time-travel-based 2D platformer



  • Have designed and built 4 year-long videogames, on teams of 2 to 70
  • Fluent in C++, ActionScript 3, UnrealScript, and Python
  • Lifelong boardgame and D & D player
  • Excellent visual & cinematic sense (8 years as award-winning video editor)
  • Good at finding what’s fun, prototyping quickly, playtesting, and balancing

Gameplay Video  –  Custom Level  –  UnrealEd 3

Designed entire level; implemented custom game type, checkpoint system, and behaviors in Kismet and UnrealScript

Gameplay Video  –  Custom Level  –  UDK Mod “Unreal Demolition”

Designed levels within framework of a UDK mod.

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